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Board of Education

Bath Board Of Education

The Bath Board of Education usually meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7:30p.m. in the Administration Building

Bath Board Members

Mr. Timothy (Tim) McKinnney

Board President

Term 2015-2018

7979 Slabtown Rd.

Columbus Grove, OH  45830


Mr. Robert (Rob) McPheron

Board Vice President 

Term 2014 - 2017

710 Willard Ave.

Lima, OH 45804


Mr. Robert (Bob) Birkemeier

Board Member

Term 2014 - 2017

760 Kingwood Dr.

Lima, OH  45804


Mr. Robert (Rob) Foley

Board Member

Term 2015-2018

1782 Fett Ave.

Lima, OH  45801


Mrs. Jacqueline (Jackie) Place

Board Member 

Term 2015-2018

3349 Shiloh Dr.

Lima, OH  45801