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Monica has lived her entire life in Bath, where she and her husband Terry raised their twins, Josh and Jessie.  She has three fun, loveable grandsons:  Brody, Brogan and Braylon, who attend Allen East Schools.  Monica says she feels very fortunate to live so close to her family.  As a Bath grad, class of 1974, she was given the opportunity to be a part of the COE program her senior year.  COE was a school-to-work program for students that placed her in the elementary, working half days until she graduated.  At that time, copies were made on a mimeograph, a copy machine that used a hand crank to run copies.  After graduating, Monica went on to get a two year degree from Lima Technical College and worked for Westinghouse until they closed their doors.  Monica says she was “very happy to receive a job offer at Bath from Treasurer Pat Jordan” in July of 1991 as an Assistant to the Treasurer.  As the youngest employee in the administration office, she enjoyed working with Pat and the other Assistant to the Treasurer, Jeannine Dackin.  Monica paints such a different picture of the treasurer’s office from what we recognize it as today.  In the 1990’s, some things were still being done by hand in the treasurer’s office, using computers far different than we use today.  Technology has made the life of a treasurer’s assistant much easier, with more advanceed software for payroll and record keeping.  Monica shares she has enjoyed learning the changes that have come in her time at Bath, and has always strived to be knowledgable about her position, helpful, and friendly to staff.  She has enjoyed the people she has worked with and finds it amusing to be the oldest now in the treasurer’s office.   

When asked about her 27 years at Bath, she says “it has been an amazing and long ride here at Bath.  I am looking forward to retirement in the next couple of years and having more time to travel to our little place in Northern Michigan.  No matter what, I will always be a Wildcat and a Buckeye, wherever I am at.”  

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