Middle School Information

Welcome to Bath Middle School



Start of the Day
    Student drop-off time will be 8:10. Students should not be dropped off at school prior to 8:10. Students will not be permitted in the building prior to 8:10.
    Students will enter the building wearing masks.
    Students in grade 8, who ride the bus, will enter door number 2. (Near the library and administration.)
    Students in grade 7, who ride the bus, will enter door number 17 and use the back hallway to get to their homeroom. (Door 17 is east of the main entrance on the high school side of the building.)
    Students in grade 6, who ride the bus, will enter door number 1 (main entrance).
    Students being brought to school by other means of transportation will enter door number 9. (Back of the building.)  
    Students will have their temperature taken at the start of each day as they enter the building. Each student will answer/record health questionnaire, using Schoology, in homeroom.
    Students will report directly to homeroom. (Those students eating breakfast will go to cafeteria and then to homeroom.)
    Students will not be permitted to walk the hallways or congregate in the hallways or other areas before/after school.
    We will have a homeroom/wellness check from 8:15 to 8:30. Morning announcements will be at the end of the homeroom.
    Students who are found to be possibly symptomatic will be sent to the nurse and isolated within our building.

    Each grade-level lunch will be split into two groups. One group will eat in the cafeteria and the other group will eat in pods/classrooms.  Social distancing will be practiced in both areas.  One cafeteria monitor will stay in the cafeteria, the second will go to a pod.  Students eating in the pods will be dismissed first to cafeteria.  The split will be determined by what class they are in when dismissed for lunch. For 8th grade it will be the class they are in at the end of 3rd period class and for 6th and 7th grade it will be their 4th period class. Those returning to a pod will exit the cafeteria and use the front hall to get back to the pods.
    We will have stickers on tables in the cafeteria designating where students may sit.  They will be instructed to sit in the same seat each day.
    We will also have stickers on the floor in the cafeteria in order to keep social distancing as students stand in line.
    Lunch tables will be sanitized after each lunch period.
    Face-to-Face meetings/conferences will be scheduled by appointment only and with the appropriate social distancing guidelines and masks.
On-Line Students
    Bath teachers will provide instruction for students in Option 2.
    This option is different from what students experienced during remote learning last spring.
    Students will be expected to get online daily.  Times will vary based upon grade level and teacher.  
    Students will be expected to complete all assignments by the assigned due date.  Late or missing work will be put in the grade book equivalent to students attending school in person.  Assignment due dates and times will be established by the teacher and adhered to just as if those students were in a regular education setting.
    Students will earn grades for their work. Students will receive the grades that they have earned. Expectations for completing online assignments are the same as if students were physically at school.
    Students should communicate questions and concerns to teachers at the appropriate times designated by the teacher in their syllabus.
    Students will not come to a school building for instruction and may not be in the same classes or have the same teachers as students participating in Option 1.
    Students may continue to participate in after-school activities at their school building, including extra-curricular activities. Teachers will support students by assisting with use of the online platform, pacing, and providing feedback on assignments and assessments.
    It is recommended students follow a schedule to complete online learning, assignments, and assessments.
    The online curriculum may not necessarily match the same pacing or activities that are delivered in school buildings.
    Teachers will grade work in a timely manner.
    Teachers will designate appropriate times for communicating questions and concerns for their classes in their syllabus provided at the beginning of the school year.
    Lessons and assignments will be communicated through Schoology.
    An on-line planning period has been incorporated into the schedule at the beginning of the day to help teachers with the planning and development of lessons for those students who are taking their classes on-line.
    Teachers will be expected to present information to on-line students on a regular basis.  
    Students using the on-line option and then return to school should be at a similar point in the curriculum upon return.

General information
    Students and staff will wear masks / gaiters at all times. (Staff may wear shields when teaching and at least a minimum of 6 feet away from any students.)
    Students may receive a medical waiver from wearing a mask only after having a school-provided form completed by a medical doctor and approved by a school nurse.
(The waiver is available on the school website.)
    Students will maintain maximum physical distance from peers whenever possible.
    Stickers will be placed on the floor outside restrooms in order to maintain social distancing as students wait to use restroom.
    Visitors to the building will be required to wear a mask.  We are asking parents to limit their trips into our building.
    Staff are encouraged to take classes outside for lessons when possible. Teachers should make efforts to give our students “Mask Breaks” at times, perhaps by going outside, distancing and going for a walk.
    Students will be asked to walk on the right side of the hall to assist with social distancing.
    We will minimize the sharing of classroom materials.  When materials are shared, disinfecting procedures will be followed.
    Students will have access to lockers on a limited basis.
    Students will be permitted to carry water bottles as drinking fountains will not be accessible.
    Classrooms will be set up to maximize the distance between students and between staff and students. There should be a minimum of 3 feet between desks.
    Teachers will be asked to sanitize all desks between classes. Teachers will be provided with the necessary items needed to sanitize desks between classes.
    Assigned seats will be required in all classes, including lunch, for contact tracing purposes. Teachers are highly encouraged to assign seats alphabetically to create similar pods as often as possible.
Covid-19 Protocol
    Students who show symptoms will be sent to the nurse.  The school nurse will provide further screening as needed.
    The Allen County Health Department will provide guidance for all potential and/or positive cases.
    ACHD will make decisions regarding potential quarantine and contact tracing measures.
    Exposure is defined as being within 6’ or less of an infected person(s) for 15 minutes or longer.
    Names of staff/students who test positive will not be released due to privacy rights.

Daily Schedule
In order to address the health and education of our students and staff, we have changed the bell schedule this year.  We have incorporated time for students to complete a wellness check and health questionnaire during homeroom.  As stated earlier, all students will have their temperature taken as they enter the building.  Students will then report to their homeroom teacher. During homeroom each student will complete a health questionnaire on Schoology. Students found to be symptomatic will be sent to the nurse.  We will be staggering the bells each period in order to prevent all three grade levels being in the hall and the same time.

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