General Information

Anatomy & Physiology-$15.00 Computer Lit IX-XII-$20.00 Flags-$30.00 
Band-$30.00          Comp/Bus Courses-$10.00 Fundamentals of Art-$15.00 
Computerized Accounting I-$26.00 Global Foods-$45.00
Career Based Intervention-$25.00 Computerized Accounting II-$27.00 Industrial Tech-$50.00
Chamber Chorale-$15.00 Computerized Accounting III-$27.50 Personal Financial Management-$10.00
Chemistry I-$10.00 Concert Choir-$10.00 Physics-$10.00 
Chemistry II-$10.00 Drawing/Painting I-VII-$20.00  Principles of Food-$45.00
Child Development-$15.00  Environmental Biology-$15.00  Sculpture/Ceramics I-VII-$20.00
Computer Lit I-VIII-$10.00 Environmental Science-$5.00  Show Choir-$15.00



The attendance policy for the 2019-20 is detailed below. 

Please read the policy carefully so that we can avoid any misunderstanding. If you have any questions, please call the high school office. If a student is absent, we prefer that the parent call the school, (419-221-0366). If we are not called, a written note will be necessary when the student returns. All students are required to report to the office before 8:13 a.m. following any absence from school. Students with excused absences are solely responsible for making up any missed work.

MEDICALLY EXCUSED:Students/ Parents must present the office with a note written by a licensed physician or medical doctor. The note must specify which days of school the student was unable to attend. The note must be presented to the high school office within two weeks of medical appointments in order for those days to be excused. THE TWO WEEK WINDOW WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED. A medical excuse is defined as "____ has been under my care from __ to __ and may return to school on ___". 

EXCUSED ABSENCES:  Students are permitted to miss 5 DAYS per semester (10 per year) without medical notes. In order for those "call ins" to be excused, a parent/guardian must speak to the office explaining the reason for the student's absences within 24 hours of the absence. If the absence is for any of the following reasons, the absence will be excused. These absences are based on one or more of the following conditions. (1) personal illness (2) death or illness in the immediate family (3) observance of a religious holiday and (4) other circumstance which may constitute an excused absence will require prior approval from the Principal or Assistant Principal. Students with excused absences are solely responsible for making up missed work. 


Bath High School is proud to provide every student attending, a mobile learning device for the 2019-20 school year. The only cost to you will be a yearly $25.00 fee for an insurance package covering the mobile learning device.

We will collect:
1. $25.00 Insurance Fee (please make checks payable to Bath High School)
2. Protection Plan (Complete form within the OneView Update)
3. Acceptable Use/Internet Safety form (Complete form within the OneView Update)

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