Student Safety Patrol

Elementary Safety Patrol

     At Bath Elementary this is our third year of a safety patrol program. Students from fourth and fifth grade apply for patrol positions. Teacher recommendations are also considered to select the patrol members.

Safety patrol helps teachers and administrators monitor the student body while entering and exiting the building. The patrol members encourage the student body to make healthy and safe choices. The younger students often slow down as they see a patrol member so that they may receive a high five from an upperclassman. Patrol members also maintain the lost and found area. During lunch, they choose the cleanest and quietest table. This table of students is rewarded by going to recess first.

     Positive feedback was received about this program and we are pleased to be continuing it this year.

     A big thank you goes out to the leadership of the safety patrol members and their willingness to accept extra responsibilities for the betterment of our student body. 

Go Wildcats!

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